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Romaheta game

Romaheta game

Name: Romaheta game

File size: 451mb

Language: English

Rating: 2/10



RomaHeta (ロマヘタ Romaheta) is a Japanese-language RPG-style game that was then translated and later programmed into an English-language game by Kia Lao using RPG Maker VX. The Axis and Allies find themselves trapped in a fantasy video game world that Japan had created and. Brief Intro of RomaHeta (Original) goes here] Website. [Place links to the game page here (Not direct download; deviantArt game page or game website only)]. A fanmade Axis Powers Hetalia RPG game/animation which is one of the more famous ones. However, it is discontinued due to the creator not liking the fact that fanart of the game was getting more popular than fanart of Hetalia itself. Roma Heta provides examples of.

RomaHeta Preview - ENG. Guy/Gal - For creating RomaHeta First link for actual game, the other three are for the OST (put them in the. He wants to keep them all stuck inside the game forever. The nations dubbed him Error Honda, since Japan's Real name is Kiku Honda. 18 Oct - 24 min - Uploaded by Kyokoon64 In this episode: I dig up a game from my past, and I head out to this english remake with high.

First link for actual game, the other three are for the OST (put them in the Audio folder once you opened the file of the first link). Ignore the rest of. Now trapped in the game, the countries must work together to get back Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or the wonderful fangame RomaHeta. Kiku created a new game which could send anyone into the 2D world. But an error occured during the test run and sucked almost all the.


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